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noun: the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution


We were going to write an "about us" page, but somehow it just wasn't quite enough. was started with an altogether deeper purpose.

We built to fulfill a dream...

It was 2020 in North Carolina. Warmer spring temperatures lured everyone outside while a global pandemic was beginning to get a foothold on the lives of people around the world.

As days turned to weeks, and weeks to months,'s founder, Chris McDaniel, began imagining a new way to live from the perspective of community. He began challenging the notion of what work/life balance should mean for us all, how to improve the lives of everyone and address environmental impact through a renewed lifestyle and mindset. Oh, and he loves pets!

Chris McDaniel

"Starting was more than just starting and running a small business. Our aim is to make a difference beyond simply providing great customer service, epic products and great prices. We're here to give back in unique ways."


Our "Anti-CEO" Philosophy

CEO's these days have huge salaries and mega bonuses aimed at enriching themselves and shareholder value.

GoEpicly's founder, Chris McDaniel, assumed the position of the Anti-CEO building the foundation of an organization focusing on the wealth of a community, the good of the customer and enabling the livelihood of people. For instance, we pay a network of artists and free lancers for their work to build custom products for our customers supporting the livelihood of very talented people who depend on gig work and want to share their artistic talents.


We promote and support a work/life balance in line with and enabled by today's technology. We believe that our people should be able to live and play where ever they want, and work when and where they want. This is why we have no offices, no commuting and no being at work at 8am M-F.

We're flexible, nimble and agile as a result. Being able to support our customers, provide great products and allow our people the flexibility to live well and on their own terms.


We have no offices to commute to. We utilize technology to work 100% remote cutting down on fossil fuel emissions and leveraging efficient product delivery logistics to minimize environmental impact.

It's Time to Throw Out the Old Playbook

  • Customers: Customers should be at the center of any business model in the 21st century. We need leadership from the front, not the top. At GoEpicly, we put the customer at the center of all we do. From selecting high quality in demand products to delivery to customer service, we lead from the customer, not from the CEO.
  • Employees: For our employees and freelancer network, our stand is that commuting, 8-5, M-F with a 2 week vacation every year is an obsolete business model. We have the technology today to live a life with much more freedom and it's time to embrace it. Utilizing technology rather than office space allows us to pass savings along to customers.
  • World and Environment: Maximizing efficiency and addressing environmental sustainability begins with a renewed mindset. We simply cannot find "environmentally friendly" ways of doing the same old thing. No commuting and no offices are the beginning of how we operate and address sustainability. As matures, we will continue to find new and innovative ways to change the game to give future generations of humans and the other species we share our world with a better place to live.

Our Logo

If you're going, GoEpicly. That's our stand. We chose this name because we provide products that allow our customers to go epicly in a unique way with unique products and bring your pet along for the ride.

The eagle represents the freedom that our customers, employees and freelancers deserve. A break from the norm and authoring a new playbook for the future. It's also a nod to Chris's military background.

Our Mission

To make the world a better place by providing great customer service, great products at great prices while addressing a renewed mindset on better living for all.

Our Business Model Business Model


Our Call To Action

If you've read this far, we really appreciate how interested you are in our ethos, mindset and desire to make the world a better place for all in new and unique ways.

We hope you'll join us by becoming a customer. We're adding epic new products all the time.

  • Don't see what you want? Contact us and let us know. We'd be happy to source an epic product and let you know we got it!
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If you're going, goepicly. That's our stand.


- The team


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